MPM Research Ltd.

MPM Research Ltd.

About us

Who we are

Our team is made up of experienced developers and engineers who have participated in many successful research and develpment projects already, as indicated by the scientific titles received.

What we aim for

MPM Research Ltd., besides IT consultancy and equipment distribution, was founded mainly for conducting research and development. We aim to utilize the most recent scientific results using grants and private funding. This results in competitive and high performance products comparable to the biggest players in the market.

Continuously seeking the business opportunities for the most recent scientific results is our fundamental corporate value. We develop novel and innovative solutions that provide the competitive edge over the giants of the industry.

Our marketing strategy is based on local and international partnerships. We are continuously looking for partners from Hungary and the EU for the distribution of our innovative solutions.


  • personalized development and implementation of cloud control system

  • development and implementation both the hardware and software components of flexible network (Internet) -based control system for existing installations

  • development of new actuators, special machines and equipments, together with the design and implementation of hardware and software components necessary to control them

  • inspection and optimization of individual softwares

  • custom software development services




Robots of the future will be organized in graphs defined on the net. We provide a solution for a single platform graph based systems down to the tiniest parts.



Recipient: MPM Telecom Ltd.

Title: Preparation for H2020 development opportunities in cloud-based robot control for MPM Telecom Ltd.

Funding: 8 304 000 Ft

Funding rate: 75.00%

Projected end date: 2015.10.31.

ID: GOP-3.3.4-15-2015-0120

Recipient: MPM Telecom Ltd.
Title: Developing scheduling and control services for automation based on optimalized directed acyclic graphs
Funding: 82 440 500 Ft
Funding rate: 60.158%
Projected end date: 2015.06.30.
ID: GOP-1.1.1-11-2012-0561



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